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Chapter Four Heart of Mine

My debut novel is HEART OF MINE, a royal romance with a touch of mystery and suspense. It is set in the small fictional kingdom of Coradova, a breathtaking Mediterranean paradise near France.

They were never supposed to fall in love.

He was the Crown Prince of Coradova, and she was the one girl he shouldn't want. Can they overcome a centuries-old prejudice, or will they both have to make the ultimate sacrifice for their one true love?

If you missed it, you can read Chapter One of HEART OF MINE right here! Read Chapter Two here! And read Chapter Three here!

Read on for Chapter Four!

JUNE 2014
I never knew that my heart could so easily be torn into two. Or imagined that my life in the Mediterranean paradise that I called home might someday become nothing more than a memory. When my parents had told me six months ago that we were moving back to America the following summer, I was shocked. Even now, surrounded by packing boxes in my half-empty bedroom, it still seemed unfathoma…

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